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Introducing CS-Series

CS-Series loudspeakers feature the same form factors as their S-Series counterparts, and their fully compatible sonic signatures are uniform with the S-Series and IS-Series, ensuring scalable configurations from portable corporate solutions to high-performance touring and installed systems.

The CS-Series brings the heralded performance of Adamson’s sub-compact S-Series loudspeakers into the networked future with onboard amplification and DSP, plus Milan-ready AVB connectivity.

Adamson's legendary sound. Evolved for the networked future of professional audio.

CS-Series Live Stream Launch

Friday June 19 -  8:00 AM & 2:00 PM EDT (Toronto time)

The new CS-Series is comprised of the ultra-compact CS7 two-way, full-range array enclosure; the CS7p point-source enclosure; and the companion CS118 subwoofer, along with the sub-compact CS10 two-way, full-range array enclosure; the CS10n narrow-dispersion array enclosure; the CS10p point-source cabinet; and the companion CS119 subwoofer.

The turnkey CS Upgrade Kit allows any existing S-Series cabinets to be easily converted to CS models in minutes by simply removing four screws, connecting the CS Jackplate with the provided wiring connectors, and switching the front grille.


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The CS7 is probably the most powerful ultra-compact array enclosure out there. When I first used it, I was sure that the limiter settings weren’t correct – so much power and body from such a compact speaker without even being close to the limiter threshold. But I was wrong…”

Patrick Demoustier

Sound Engineer

Audio Design & Consulting BV

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CS-Series includes four rack-mounted products designed to provide the necessary tools to get the highest level of performance out of the CS-Series: CS Gateway, CS Network Distribution System (NDS), CS Power Distribution System (PDS), and CS Bridge.

Adamson’s new CS software enhances the user’s ability to design, deploy, control, and monitor systems in mobile and installed environments with a simplified workflow and easy-to-navigate user interface that moves logically from design and simulation through to patch, control, metering, optimization, and diagnostics.


Rack-mounted systems


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Four rack-mounted products designed to provide the necessary tools to get the highest level of performance out of the CS-Series. The CS Gateway is a 16 x 16 matrix with 16 channels of DSP, containing dual-LAN, Milan-ready AVB, AES/EBU, and analog connections. The CS NDS is a network and analog patch bay that allows users to send redundant audio and control to CS loudspeakers on a single network cable. The CS PDS ensures that all CS-Series systems receive ample power, regardless of region, and also allows the user to monitor consumption data, both per power output as well as overall draw. The CS Bridge is designed to replace existing network infrastructure in Adamson's E-Rack, allowing users to seamlessly integrate the CS-Series into their existing inventories by converting dual-LAN, Milan-ready AVB signal to AES/EBU, while also offering six channels of DSP per unit.

Rack mounted systems

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Adamson CS software upgrades your ability to design, deploy, control and monitor in both mobile and installation environments. The unified CS software platform eliminates the need for multiple tools, simplifying workflow and reducing possibilities for user error.

The user experience is designed with professional audio workflow in mind: move from design & simulation, through patch, control, metering, optimization and system diagnostics.

CS Software

The CS-Series is the product of years of engineering and innovation, and we’re proud to now offer this sophisticated solution with simple, straightforward operation and the audio performance the industry has come to expect from Adamson.”

Brian Fraser

Head of Product and Technology

Adamson Systems Engineering